Decorating trends moving toward darker wall colors

When Delores Dalke of Hillsboro began selling real estate in the 1970s, the trend in home decorating was to have colorful walls. But, by the 1990s, conventional wisdom changed to say that walls should be light and neutral in color, at least if you were going to sell the home.

The idea was that if a room’s walls were a neutral color, the owners could decorate it and accent it as they wanted. The truth, though, was that most people decorated with neutral furniture, as well.

In recent years, decorating ideas have changed again. Dark and rusty reds, gold, and dark browns have become popular colors.


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At Home: Design duo’s tips on how to survive remodeling

Some married couples work together in business. Some couples remodel together. Jennifer and Steve Clark, heaven help them, do both.

The Clarks, who have been married seven years and have three kids, not only team up to renovate properties, but they also regularly tear up their own living space.

I don’t mean to be discouraging. I’m all for couples collaborating on home improvement. I personally have built or rebuilt three homes with my spouse. Of course, we now live in separate states, so you see how that worked out.

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Written By Marni Jameson

12 Ideas for Decorating with a Colorful Sofa

I recently purchased a teal sofa (after waffling between teal and pink for a bit) and many readers commented that it was too bright, too tricky to decorate around. Color on such a big piece doesn’t have to be overwhelming though! It all depends on what else you put with it. I’ve gathered some inspiration for decorating with colorful furnishings — you know, so we can discuss.

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Interior design: Easy home decorating touches you can do in a weekend

Chic, clean and effortlessly yours in a weekend, with easy home decorating ideas.

You just bought your dream house. Now all you need to do is make it yours – chic, clean and effortlessly yours in a weekend. Here are the top decorating touches you can do to make your new home all yours, fast.

Written By  Tele management

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Open House: Kitchen decor is easier than you think

Editor’s note: Welcome to CNN’s Open House, an online tour of iReporters’ houses that showcases incredible decor. Space by space, we’ll move through beautiful design moments that make a house a home. Want to show off your decorating skills? Submit your photos to our iReport assignment! This week we’re looking for beautiful baby nurseries.

(CNN) — After spending hours on Pinterest, combing through scores of gorgeous decor photos, do you ever look at your kitchen and hear the “Wah, wah, waaaaaaah” of a sad trombone?

Kitchens don’t work like other rooms, say decorators, and it’s not always obvious how to decorate them. Instead of four blank walls to adorn, there are cabinet doors, appliances and counter tops, which can leave you feeling a little boxed in.

Written By Ann Hoevel, CNN

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Give home makeover with easy, breezy summer decor

To embrace the blissful, mellow season of summer, I sweep through my home, gathering up winter’s rich, intricate layers and replacing them with light and breezy accents that let my rooms breathe. Giving your home a summer makeover can be as simple as weaving in a few key pieces of seasonal decor. Here are some ideas:

Live plants lend energy

I love what live houseplants do for my home in the summer. They refresh each room, bringing in new energy. All you need to do when decorating with houseplants is to add them to an existing display or create a simple summer arrangement that combines a plant with a few summer accents. You’ll be amazed by how poking in a plant will amp up the impact of a display. Consider adding a few pots of ivy to take a tablescape to the next level. It’s extremely easy to create.


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Decorating With Chris Olsen: ‘Cowboy Sheik’

Decorating With Home and Garden Guru Chris Olsen: (click the video above to follow along).

You know one of the common questions for me is “Chris what are the current trends when it comes to Home Decor – doing inside decorating?”

Well, here is one for you: Western Look!

I mean doing a kind of “Cowboy Sheik”. Now, you don’t want to “over-do
It.” And here is a prime example.

We’re in this house and the room is awesome.
First of all, let’s look at the wall coverings.

Written By WFMY News 2

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Top Home Design Trends For 2013 Favor Simplicity

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich., June 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Organic, natural colors, simple prints, rustic finishes and open spaces are proving to be the top home design trends of 2013, according to newly released information by Pulte Homes, a national brand of homebuilder PulteGroup, Inc. (NYSE: PHM).

To view a collection of top home design trends, view the Pulte Homes Pinterest Board here.

“In years past, bold colors, ornate designs and expansive floor plans ruled the day. But today’s homeowners are more focused on creating a soft modern feeling with a comfortable, casual and unfussy experience,” said Janice Jones, vice president of merchandising for PulteGroup, Inc.

“Overwhelmingly, our homebuyers prefer spaces that can easily transition from family game nights to dinner parties with friends. To achieve that functionality, our 20-person design team is creating open, interworking spaces with a design and aesthetic that easily transitions from day to night, weekday to weekend.”

Written By Pulte Homes

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Shabby Chic’ author, style expert offers inspiration on decorating

If you haven’t visited an antique mall or flea market lately, after reading Rachel Ashwell’s “Shabby Chic: Treasure Hunting and Decorating Guide,” you’ll surely be scheduling a trip to see your favorite vendor this weekend.

In the latest edition of Ashwell’s book, she is your close decorating companion, by your side and giving you all kinds of ideas and advice to consider as you create or add to your “Shabby Chic” style of decor, inspired by the author herself who created the design theme in 1989.

Shabby Chic offers a “faded elegance,” Ashwell writes. It is built on muted colors such as mint, dusty rose, ivories, creams, soft yellows and pale blues. It is worn but still possesses integrity, can have ornate moldings, honestly aging peeling paint and marks reflective of its use. Shabby Chic has character in its delicate detailing, shows its workmanship and has functionality.


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The Best of the Best: 5 Essential Home Decorating Ideas for the Discriminating Shopper

When it comes to the interior of your home, nothing speaks more beautifully than décor featuring bold, exciting accent pieces and rich fabrics suited to your personal style. For discriminating shoppers, it takes more than the average piece of furniture to transform a room.

Directly from House Beautiful 101 Decorating Ideas, here are my top 5 picks for making the most of any room – from shabby chic to modern elegance, these décor ideas are essential to creating beauty inside your home.

Written By Symphony Moussighi, Symphony Home Decor & Design

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