As part of the Make It Yourself trend from our Future of Home Living report, which looks at how a new range of DIY kits and technologies are making the process of envisioning and producing custom products and designs accessible to anyone, regardless of space or skills, PSFK Labs has identified the following example.

Everything But The Manual is modular furniture kit developed by Dutch designer David Graas that arrives as a cube comprised of 177 identical oak building blocks that can be screwed together to make almost anything imaginable. The flexibility of the system combined with its ease of assembly make it accessible for makers of all skills, while still challenging them to create and build their own designs without the use of a manual. The designer has suggested three designs of his own—a dressing table, lamp and cuckoo clock—which he hopes will inspire countless other DIY creations.

Written By PSFK Labs 

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House to Home: Stencils and some patience make for inexpensive decorating impact

Dear Debbie: I am looking for a stencil of different-sized circles that flow into one another to do on a black wall. I will be using a shiny finish with the stencil to make it appear as they are raised on the wall. This is going to be my main wall, which my headboard is on, in the master bedroom. Can you please help me? Thanks. – Tammy

Dear Tammy: You have chosen a great technique to build drama and interest for your bedroom’s feature wall. By using stencils to produce a design, you have the options of where you want to place the motifs, the texture and sheen for each, and the color contrasts.

With the big trend in pattern on our walls, stenciling is not only less expensive than wallpaper, it comes with a sense of pride in something hand done.


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Think Pink! 6 Tips to Decorating Your Home With Pink (Plus a Ridiculously Glam DIY Project)

When it comes to home décor, pink is a color that is used far less than every other color in the rainbow—and with good reason. First, we had I Dream of Jeannie and that velvet wraparound couch she had in her bottle. Then pink was repeatedly raked through the coals by Paris Hilton, Anna Nicole and Snooki in their own decorating schemes. Pink in the home became a joke.

Personally, though, I love the color pink and think when used properly—and sparingly, at times—it can enhance a space immeasurably by adding an unexpected and super flattering hue to your home. Don’t worry—I’m not trying to sell you on painting the house pink. I’m not even suggesting you give it a try because just because The Expert said so. If, though, you like the color pink, but aren’t really sure about how to use it at home, hear me out. These six tips will have you on your way to being tickled pink in no time!

Written By Courtney Cachet

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Weekend DIY Ideas: 10 Painting Projects That Will Refresh Your Home In A Snap (PHOTOS)

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to help make a house look as good as new. (And that goes for our walls, furniture, and mailboxes, too!) With summer underway, there’s no reason why we can’t roll up our sleeves and get to work. To help you get started, we put together a roundup of ten weekend DIY ideas that involve a roller or brush. Between stenciling an entire room or coating the front porch in a pretty pale blue, our slideshow below has several surefire ways to refresh your home from top to bottom.

Written by Rain Embuscado

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