Paint Color Ideas: Lonny Debunks Myths About Decorating With Black (PHOTOS)

“Thinking about redecorating, but you have no idea where to go for paint color ideas? Well you’re off to a good start: Painting the walls is one switch that packs a lot of punch, especially if you choose a dramatic or surprising hue — like black.

While it’s always safe to go with a white or grey, why not consider this other neutral. No, we’re not suggesting you go goth or design your space with a vampire motif. Decorating with dark walls can be beautiful, dramatic and even bright. Don’t believe us? Our friends at Lonny shared some beautiful photos of bedrooms, living rooms and more that look amazing in the darkest of shades.

A black wall can be a great perfect for art hung salon style.”

Written By  Shana Ecker

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6 Color Ideas We’re Tired Of Seeing In Home Design (PHOTOS)

“Choosing colors for our homes is a difficult task, don’t get us wrong. Sometimes we’re so scared to make a commitment to a hue, we end up going with a safe and, dare we say, boring combination. Other times, we may lean too heavily on trends we see in magazines or on TV that our spaces become, well, cliché. You know what we’re talking about: Those rooms that end up looking more like ads than spaces that reflect the people that live there.

Scroll through and let us know if you’d agree with the six color palettes we’re tired of seeing in design.”

Written by Shana Ecker

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