Right at Home: Metals glow in fall decor

Never been a heavy metal fan? The new look of brass, copper, bronze and nickel in this fall’s decor might change your mind.

The finishes are warm, without the kitschy clash of some previous go-rounds. You’ll see these softer, richer-looking metals — joining gold and silver on the decor stage — as accents on accessories, as furniture embellishment and as a brushed finish on textiles.

It’s a classic look that can work in both traditional and contemporary spaces.

Written By KIM COOK, Associated Press

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From Sustainability to Durability, Fall 2013 Home Decor Trends Address Style Currents with Long Term Design Thinking

As the shelter industry looks forward to fall 2013, home decor trends are embracing a range of aesthetics while focusing, in principle, on issues of smart, sustainable growth. With a selection of new designs launching specifically for the fall season, EuroStyleLighting.com announces the top four things consumers can expect in modern lighting and home decor.

“This year we’re seeing the general acceptance of principles that leaders in the design community have long embraced—chief among them are a commitment to innovation and beauty,” explains Cori Magee, In-house Design Expert with Euro Style Lighting.

Written By PRWEB

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Astrological Home Design Planning with the Stars

Literally. The stars.

So, turns out astrological home design is totally a thing. I like to think I’m pretty good at figuring out what our home needs and how to place it, but some days even I am at a loss. Next time though, I’m going to consult the stars for my next steps in home decor. (You guys probably all do that already right? I’m always just behind the trend). Inspired by this article from Apartment Therapy I’ve put together 12 rooms inspired by the astrological home decor suggestions of Mystic Medusa. And, spoiler alert, I found the one for my sign IN MY HOUSE.


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Decorating With Chris Olsen: ‘Cowboy Sheik’

Decorating With Home and Garden Guru Chris Olsen: (click the video above to follow along).

You know one of the common questions for me is “Chris what are the current trends when it comes to Home Decor – doing inside decorating?”

Well, here is one for you: Western Look!

I mean doing a kind of “Cowboy Sheik”. Now, you don’t want to “over-do
It.” And here is a prime example.

We’re in this house and the room is awesome.
First of all, let’s look at the wall coverings.

Written By WFMY News 2

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Earthly Inspiration: Mother Nature meets modern decor

“Moth-wing light fixtures? Thunderhead wallpaper? If you’re an armchair naturalist, you’ll love one of this year’s big home decor trends.

Artists and artisans have captured flora, fauna and even meteorology in media such as photography, illustration, metal and clay. The designs, translated into wall decor and furnishings, range from startling to serene.”

Written By KIM COOK

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