Teen decorating ideas: Cheap and easy teenager bedroom decorating ideas

Make your own window treatments, storage bins, find cheap decorative items, homemade posters, and find cheap wall treatments perfect for everchanging teen rooms.

The teen years are a time of self-discovery, and so of course there is an undeniable need for self-expression. You want your room to represent YOU. Having a cool bedroom that reflects you is easy and it isn’t necessary to go out and spend lots of money. You’ll find a lot of what you need around the house. And not spending much means you can redecorate more often. After all, before long you may want something totally different.

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House to Home: Stencils and some patience make for inexpensive decorating impact

Dear Debbie: I am looking for a stencil of different-sized circles that flow into one another to do on a black wall. I will be using a shiny finish with the stencil to make it appear as they are raised on the wall. This is going to be my main wall, which my headboard is on, in the master bedroom. Can you please help me? Thanks. – Tammy

Dear Tammy: You have chosen a great technique to build drama and interest for your bedroom’s feature wall. By using stencils to produce a design, you have the options of where you want to place the motifs, the texture and sheen for each, and the color contrasts.

With the big trend in pattern on our walls, stenciling is not only less expensive than wallpaper, it comes with a sense of pride in something hand done.


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Design with style: Decorating small bedrooms for teenagers

While participating in Career Day at a local high school, I had a chance to learn how many young people share my passion for interior design.

It is easy to see that these young people have what I refer to as ‘the creative button.” Many told me that their parents would allow them to re-decorate their own bedrooms. Most of them shared that they did have limitations; usually the budget was one of them.

Another limitation often found in bedrooms is space. Moving to a new home, 14-year-old Cassie was invited to share in the beginning of the design process of her new room. She selected the color scheme — hot pink and lime green. She wanted the room to reflect her love of her animals — a horse, three cats, two birds and a turtle — so she provided the wall art and framed photos.

Written By MARYANN FISHER, Decorating Den Interiors

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