Don’t forget the garage when adding character to house

“Q: We have a two-car garage attached to our house and would like to know about painting and colour so that it adds some character to the front of the house. Right now it is just a big blank space. Should it match the front door? We have columns flanking our entranceway.
A: The space that a garage door takes up at the front of a house is often large and yet we don’t think much about how it looks. Instead, we focus on the front door. While the entryway is a key feature, the entire front face of the house should be taken into consideration when planning exterior decor. It should all look welcoming and connected.”

Written By  Debbie Travis

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Mobile Homes: Then and Now

“From their travel trailer beginnings, “”mobile”” homes have evolved into finely-tuned, and in some cases luxurious, permanent full-time abodes.

In Elkhart, IN, at the Recreational Vehicle/Manufactured Housing (RV/MH) Hall of Fame, resident historian Al Hesselbart has created a library dedicated to the evolution of the mobile home. Having begun the job with no prior knowledge of the subject, Hesselbart read all of the books before putting them on the shelves. Now the self-taught authority makes frequent public appearances, has been inducted into the Tin Can Tourists Hall of Fame, and will be giving a keynote speech at China’s first national RV conference in Beijing.

Hesselbart is good for a dynamic industry that still suffers from stigma (“”trailer trash””), myth (“”factory-built homes are not as strong as traditional homes””), and general confusion—is a manufactured home a vehicle or a house?”

Written By  JANE DAGMI

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