Outdoor carpet in bold design enlivens dull concrete patio

Q: Dear Debbie,
I’m looking for some ideas to fix up a plain (boring) city concrete patio. The concrete is old and cracked but I am renting, so not able to resurface. I’m not much of a gardener, and the area is very shady so I can’t grow much in colourful blooms. Thanks for any suggestions.
A: Dear Rita,
You can infuse this space with colour in many ways that will elevate its character from plain to punchy. Paint some second-hand wood garden furniture in bright white or a hot pastel shade. Why not two chairs in funky colours and a tabletop with a bold daisy face? Painting furniture is easy to do, and you can make up any design you like from crazy bold stripes to circles that overlap. For a more traditional look, you could use a weathered paint effect on the wood and some cushions covered in a brilliant variety of weatherproof fabrics.

Written By Debbie Travis

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Is collaborative office design hurting workplace productivity?

The trendy theory in office design is that open, cubicle-less workspaces foster a creative, collaborative workplace. One survey found that 77 percent of respondents have or are planning to implement an open-office design. But what is this office design doing to productivity?

In a new survey from Gensler, the global design and architecture firm found that some offices are going too far with the open concept and it’s hurting productivity, with only one in four knowledge workers in the United States working in optimal workplace environments.

What exactly is the optimal design? In analyzing the survey, Gensler determined that the optimal workplace, while focusing on collaboration with an open design, also balances openness with spaces that help workers focus.

Written By Tyler Falk

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L.A. Interior Designers Celebrate New Christofle Silver Pop-Up

“Million Dollar Decorator” Mary McDonald and several designers come out to the studio space for a collaboration between the iconic French silver brand and antique dealer JF Chen.

The night of June 13 proved to be a perfect blend of classic and modern as Los Angeles’s elite design community celebrated the collaboration between world-renowned French silver company Christofle, founded in 1830, and famed furniture dealer JF Chen, in their intimate creation, pop-up shop Studio Christofle, tucked away on Melrose Place.

Written By Vanessa Kogevinas

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Coastal currents: creating waves of style

The homes of the Mid-Atlantic’s waterfront communities epitomize coastal style. Whether on the beach in Ocean City or a creek on the Eastern Shore, the look is casual and calming, creating a style that makes its owners feel like every day is a vacation.

Gina Fitzsimmons, owner of Fitzsimmons Design Associates and the Annapolis-based home furnishings store Details of Design, specializes in coastal homes. She calls this look “Chesapeake Cozy.”

Written By Christianna McCausland, For The Baltimore Sun

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Astrological Home Design Planning with the Stars

Literally. The stars.

So, turns out astrological home design is totally a thing. I like to think I’m pretty good at figuring out what our home needs and how to place it, but some days even I am at a loss. Next time though, I’m going to consult the stars for my next steps in home decor. (You guys probably all do that already right? I’m always just behind the trend). Inspired by this article from Apartment Therapy I’ve put together 12 rooms inspired by the astrological home decor suggestions of Mystic Medusa. And, spoiler alert, I found the one for my sign IN MY HOUSE.


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Decorating With Chris Olsen: ‘Cowboy Sheik’

Decorating With Home and Garden Guru Chris Olsen: (click the video above to follow along).

You know one of the common questions for me is “Chris what are the current trends when it comes to Home Decor – doing inside decorating?”

Well, here is one for you: Western Look!

I mean doing a kind of “Cowboy Sheik”. Now, you don’t want to “over-do
It.” And here is a prime example.

We’re in this house and the room is awesome.
First of all, let’s look at the wall coverings.

Written By WFMY News 2

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2nd home decorating tips

A bungalow on the beach. A cabin for weekend getaways.

Second homes, designed for relaxation, are often decorated with hand-me-down furniture and other cast-offs from the owner’s main living space.

But, say interior designers, a bit of creativity can transform a small vacation home into the perfect haven — a place to combine family heirlooms, funky flea-market purchases and a few new pieces, with style and on a budget.

“Second homes are all about the three f’s: family, friends and flea markets,” says designer Brian Patrick Flynn, founder of Flynnside Out Productions. “There are really no rules, but the one thing to keep in mind is that second homes are the best place to showcase your personality by filling them with one-of-a-kind pieces packed with sentiment and history.”

Written By Melissa Rayworth

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Decoration Day: Interior Design for Aging in Place (Part 2)

In the first of two posts, Toronto-based home re-designer Beth Hirshfeld of Thrive By Design delved into the ways good design can support safe, independent Aging in Place. In this post, the Certified Aging in Place Specialist gets into more practical detail — the when, what and how.

Why use interior design rather than simply hire a handyman to install a grab bar, widen a door, and take on other projects as needed?

An effective design requires a comprehensive and strategic approach rather than just sporadic updates.

Written By Rachel Adelson

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Decorating with the ol’ red, white and blue

Feeling patriotic?

Want to show your love for red, white, and blue all year long? You don’t literally need to hang a flag to show your country some love–not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Some color combinations conquer, while others divide. This classic American color combination exudes confidence, strength, and optimism. Blue in all its forms is restful and safe. While we know red is energizing and passionate. White is the great neutralizer.

It’s a no fail combination!

Written By Carrie Leskowitz, CarriesDesignMusings.com

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