Decorating trends moving toward darker wall colors

When Delores Dalke of Hillsboro began selling real estate in the 1970s, the trend in home decorating was to have colorful walls. But, by the 1990s, conventional wisdom changed to say that walls should be light and neutral in color, at least if you were going to sell the home.

The idea was that if a room’s walls were a neutral color, the owners could decorate it and accent it as they wanted. The truth, though, was that most people decorated with neutral furniture, as well.

In recent years, decorating ideas have changed again. Dark and rusty reds, gold, and dark browns have become popular colors.


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House to Home: Stencils and some patience make for inexpensive decorating impact

Dear Debbie: I am looking for a stencil of different-sized circles that flow into one another to do on a black wall. I will be using a shiny finish with the stencil to make it appear as they are raised on the wall. This is going to be my main wall, which my headboard is on, in the master bedroom. Can you please help me? Thanks. – Tammy

Dear Tammy: You have chosen a great technique to build drama and interest for your bedroom’s feature wall. By using stencils to produce a design, you have the options of where you want to place the motifs, the texture and sheen for each, and the color contrasts.

With the big trend in pattern on our walls, stenciling is not only less expensive than wallpaper, it comes with a sense of pride in something hand done.


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CertaPro Painters of Loudoun on the Forefront of Interior Design

McLean, Virginia (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

Consistent with current trends in home design, CertaPro Painters of Loudoun now Offers Painted Ceilings in their repertoire of design expertise. It used to be that ceilings were only painted white. This has been the M.O. in the house painting industry for many years. Recently, this trend is changing to embrace the contrast and character provided by a colored ceiling. CertaPro Painters of Loudoun has always been on the cutting edge of paint technologies, products, and design, so announcing a specialty in this area is consistent with their dedication to offering the latest from the home design industry.

Written By PRWEB

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Homestyle: Red all over — dashing designs seek pop of color

Packed full of energy and excitement, the color red is sneaking back into vogue in interior design. For years, people shied away from this arresting color, opting instead for safe, soothing grays, tans and creams. But now folks are feeling bolder and taking bigger risks in their decorating. And as they do, red is shooting up the popularity charts.

We’re having a blast at Nell Hill’s zipping up people’s spaces with spunky shots of red. Want to join the fun and add this striking color to your decor?

The key to success when decorating with a statement color as striking as red is to pick a few key places to let it shine. Here are my top seven spots to add a pop of red in your home’s interior:

1. Paint a wall

If you want to go big with red, wash a wall in it. Depending upon the shade you select, red will send off a strong vibe that ranges from happy to angry, so pick your paint color carefully. Another word of caution: It’s easy to go too far with red, so start by using this powerful color in small doses. Before washing the entire room in red, start with just one wall and see what you think. Whether you end up painting one area or the whole room, be sure to balance your high-intensity wall color with plenty of light-colored neutrals through upholstery, art and window coverings.

Written By Mary Carol Garrity

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Paint Color Ideas: Lonny Debunks Myths About Decorating With Black (PHOTOS)

“Thinking about redecorating, but you have no idea where to go for paint color ideas? Well you’re off to a good start: Painting the walls is one switch that packs a lot of punch, especially if you choose a dramatic or surprising hue — like black.

While it’s always safe to go with a white or grey, why not consider this other neutral. No, we’re not suggesting you go goth or design your space with a vampire motif. Decorating with dark walls can be beautiful, dramatic and even bright. Don’t believe us? Our friends at Lonny shared some beautiful photos of bedrooms, living rooms and more that look amazing in the darkest of shades.

A black wall can be a great perfect for art hung salon style.”

Written By  Shana Ecker

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