Teen decorating ideas: Cool window treatments for teenagers bedroom

Cool window treatment ideas for your cool teen! Letting your teenager define their style in their space doesn’t have to expensive or difficult. Take a look at these awesome ideas!

When it comes to teens, their idea of cool may not necessarily be the same as yours. If you have a teen in the house, you know how much they love their room and how much time they spend there. Why not make it a space just for them with some “way cool” window treatments. After all, self-expression is very important to teens.

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Your Life Decorating: Mosaic tiles

We are back with interior decorator Tracey McDonell Reid.

Add some texture and colour to your home. In this segment, we explore mosaic tiles.

Series breakdown:

• Monday, July 29: Pillows

Pillows covered in bright splashes of colour can refresh a room for the summer or bring an added pop of colour to your backyard.

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Your Life Decorating: Add a splash of colour with designer pillows

This week we are with interior decorator Tracey McDonell Reid. Watch as we take a look at decor ideas for the summer and hot new products that have hit the design market.

In this segment, we have indoor and outdoor pillows from Tonic Living.

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Decorating Your Home With Beautiful Aquarium Design Ideas

Looking for something creative for your home décor? Think of an aquarium as a piece of an art.

It is time for a comprehensive renovation of your home. Aquarium will surely make your home beautiful. An aquarium is not just a gorgeous item, it is also fairly easy to keep up. Doctors also recommend keeping an aquarium in home since observing fish helps alleviate stress and reduce blood pressure.

Aquariums are available in numerous designs, sizes and widths. Today an aquarium can become the best alternative decoration to beautify the home interior. Here are ideas for decorating your home with beautiful aquarium design which can transform your house into a beautiful place

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12 Ideas for Decorating with a Colorful Sofa

I recently purchased a teal sofa (after waffling between teal and pink for a bit) and many readers commented that it was too bright, too tricky to decorate around. Color on such a big piece doesn’t have to be overwhelming though! It all depends on what else you put with it. I’ve gathered some inspiration for decorating with colorful furnishings — you know, so we can discuss.

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Decorating a second home with style and on a budget

A bungalow on the beach. A cabin for weekend getaways.

Second homes, designed for relaxation, are often decorated with hand-me-down furniture and other cast-offs from the owner’s main living space.

But, say interior designers, a bit of creativity can transform a small vacation home into the perfect haven — a place to combine family heirlooms, funky flea-market purchases and a few new pieces, with style and on a budget.

Written By Melissa Rayworth Associated Press

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Decorating Den Interiors launches design showcase website

Home Accents Today Staff — Home Accents Today, 7/30/2013 10:24:37 AM

Interior design and home furnishings franchise company Decorating Den Interiors is showcasing award-winning room makeovers from this year’s 29th International Dream Room Contest at decoratingden.com/showcase/2013.

The design showcase features the top three makeovers in 12 categories as judged by a panel of international home furnishings journalists.

“These makeovers were done within real budgets for real homeowners, not staged,” said Carol Donarye Bugg, ASID, DDCD, vice president for design and author of five books on interior design and decorating. “As the best of nearly 300 entries, these room designs can provide inspiring ideas for making one’s home more beautiful and inviting.”

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House to Home: Stencils and some patience make for inexpensive decorating impact

Dear Debbie: I am looking for a stencil of different-sized circles that flow into one another to do on a black wall. I will be using a shiny finish with the stencil to make it appear as they are raised on the wall. This is going to be my main wall, which my headboard is on, in the master bedroom. Can you please help me? Thanks. – Tammy

Dear Tammy: You have chosen a great technique to build drama and interest for your bedroom’s feature wall. By using stencils to produce a design, you have the options of where you want to place the motifs, the texture and sheen for each, and the color contrasts.

With the big trend in pattern on our walls, stenciling is not only less expensive than wallpaper, it comes with a sense of pride in something hand done.


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Interior design: Easy home decorating touches you can do in a weekend

Chic, clean and effortlessly yours in a weekend, with easy home decorating ideas.

You just bought your dream house. Now all you need to do is make it yours – chic, clean and effortlessly yours in a weekend. Here are the top decorating touches you can do to make your new home all yours, fast.

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