Top Home Design Trends For 2013 Favor Simplicity

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich., June 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Organic, natural colors, simple prints, rustic finishes and open spaces are proving to be the top home design trends of 2013, according to newly released information by Pulte Homes, a national brand of homebuilder PulteGroup, Inc. (NYSE: PHM).

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“In years past, bold colors, ornate designs and expansive floor plans ruled the day. But today’s homeowners are more focused on creating a soft modern feeling with a comfortable, casual and unfussy experience,” said Janice Jones, vice president of merchandising for PulteGroup, Inc.

“Overwhelmingly, our homebuyers prefer spaces that can easily transition from family game nights to dinner parties with friends. To achieve that functionality, our 20-person design team is creating open, interworking spaces with a design and aesthetic that easily transitions from day to night, weekday to weekend.”

Written By Pulte Homes

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Simple fixes transform, improve home’s design

“In suburbs across America, traditional townhouses and developments come standard. But let’s say your taste swings more contemporary, or your house dates to the ’80s, is brass-infused and needs an update. One of the best places to start redecorating is the foyer.

“I think an entry should set the tone of the house,” said designer Raji Radhakrishnan of Raji RM & Associates in Washington. You want it to “hint at what’s to come inside.”

If your entry hints that you’re boring and tired, don’t despair. Designer Regan Billingsley offers this advice: “Updating an entry can be as simple as painting or changing light fixtures, rugs and accessories.””

Written by Lindsey M. Roberts

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